An Infographic Synopsis of Luxembourg’s Food System


July 2020

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The team of Sustainable Food Practices, Dr. Rachel Reckinger, Dr. Diane Kapgen, and Dr. Helena Korjonen published their infographic synopsis of the Luxembourgish food system in Forum. The visual depiction aims to unravel its complexity, and avoid the downfalls of simpler depictions, which focus more directly on key actors, or what can be called the food supply circuit. The ‘food supply circuit’ includes the actions of input-supply, farming, processing, manufacturing, trade, gastronomy, consumption and waste treatment. While the importance of the food circuit actors is clear, this narrow approach often overlooks actors in the broader foodscape including:

• governance and regulation
• education and awareness-raising
• media
• research
• business interests and professional corporations
• marketing and advertising
• finance
• investing and insurance
• non-profit, voluntary and community groups
• operational services
• individual citizens.

The visual depiction of the food system shows that the food supply circuit actors operate within, and are constantly affected and affecting, the broader and more diverse foodscape.

This infographic has since been updated. To see the latest version click here.

Future developments in the project will include analysing the actors and the scope of their power, their relationships, pressure points and barriers, but also the opportunities and innovations that thrive in the food system.

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